What is IPV Video In Upstox

Performing in-person verification
SEBI requires Upstox to perform an IPV (In Person Verification) with you before activating your account. This is done in order to ensure that your identity is verified and the security of your details is maintained.
Making the video:
·      With Upstox, conducting an In-Person Verification is also hassle-free and fast. You just have to record a clear video of yourself holding up your original documents.
·      Ensure that the video displays the following documents clearly:
·      Original PAN—Front and the back side.
·      Original Address Proof—This address should match the one that you provided on your application form.
·      Make sure that you hold the PAN Card and Address Proof for a minimum of 10 seconds in order to capture the details clearly.
·      In the video please read out the following details clearly:
·      PAN Card Number
·      Aadhaar Card Number

[Client instruction: In the video, please read out that the PAN Card Number and Aadhaar Card Number that you are holding is original and the same belongs to you.]
Sending the video:
·      Once you’ve made the video, you can WhatsApp the video to our team on 9082673114.
·      DO NOT FORGET to mention your Name, Email ID and Phone Number registered with us while sending the video.
·      Send us an email with the video and the details mentioned above to support@upstox.com
·      If you’re sending us the video via email, we recommend you to use your Gmail account. Other accounts might not allow you to attach a file larger than 25 MB.