Now, withdraw your funds within 15 mins!

Dear trader,

We’ve been working on bettering your experience on our platform and are now giving you yet another reason to love Upstox! To add to your convenience & cut down on withdrawal delays, we’re offering you the option of instant withdrawals. This means, you can seamlessly transfer up to Rs. 50, 000 of funds from your Upstox account to your linked bank account, all within minutes! 
So, now not only can you add funds, via UPI, swiftly, you can also withdraw funds in 15 minutes. 
Withdraw funds instantly when you:
1) Place your withdrawal request between 9 AM to 4 PM on any trading day
2) Don’t have any Open and/or Closed orders in your trading & mutual fund account
3) Don’t have any Open and/or Closed positions in your trading account

Any requests placed after the specified time or on Saturday/Sunday/Trading holidays will be processed the next trading day

Currently, your withdrawal limit is Rs. 50,000/day. In case you place more than one withdrawal request, it will go into the standard withdrawal process. This means you will receive those funds, the next working day.

Eg: Your withdrawal request for Rs. 45,000 was placed at 1:00 PM, on a working day. And another request for Rs. 30,000 was placed at 4:00 PM then you will receive the:
1) Rs. 45,000 within 15 minutes
2) Rs. 30,000 the next working day